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This week’s latest news includes human curation cleaning up AI’s mess, machine learning being used to predict large wildfires, and Deep Learning is being used to inform differential diagnoses of skin diseases.

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Here are some highlights from the past couple of weeks:

How human curation came back to clean up AI’s messes

Researchers use machine learning to predict large wildfires

Google to expand AI-powered flood forecasts in India for monsoon season

YouTube taps machine learning to serve the best contextual ads for each user

Kheiron raises $22 million for machine learning that helps radiologists detect cancer earlier

Using machine learning to reconstruct deteriorated Van Gogh drawings

Vianai emerges with $50M seed and a mission to simplify machine learning tech

Researchers: AI surveillance is expanding worldwide

TuSimple adds another $120 million to its self-driving trucks war chest

Using Deep Learning to Inform Differential Diagnoses of Skin Diseases

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