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Will Wearable AI Amplify Human Intelligence?

Hi Folks, This week’s latest news includes AI in the grocery store, Facebook is hoping AI researchers can figure out privacy, and new wearable AI is said to amplify human intelligence. Get the rest of the latest news in AI,... Read More

Can Machines Learn to be Curious?

Hi Folks, This week’s latest news includes AI making its way into the dairy barn, machines are learning how to be curious, and Microsoft turned down facial-recognition sales on human rights concerns. Get the rest of the latest news in... Read More

Data Scientists are Urged to Take AI Security more Seriously.

Hi Folks, This week’s latest news includes a continued shortage in the AI talent pool, data scientists are urged to take AI security more seriously, and Britain has set out an ambitious proposal to control the internet. Get the rest... Read More

The Latest in Data Science, Machine Learning & AI

Hi Folks, This week’s latest news includes the battle between DeepMind & Google to control AI, a 1 billion dollar investment from SAS into the AI industry and how Robots will affect the future of human relationships. Get the rest... Read More

Is data science being inherently messy a bad thing?

Is data science being inherently mess a bad thing? Some think maybe not. AI is changing the future of science, a doctor shares how AI can improve doctor/patient relationships, and blind users can now explore images with Microsofts new seeing... Read More

Human Skills will Always be Needed in this Tech Age

Hi Folks, Despite popular belief, human skills will always be needed in a technological age. Meanwhile, AI is making a big impact on financial institution’s efficiency and will have a big impact on the future of energy and climate. Trexo... Read More

The Latest News in AI & Machine Learning

Hi Folks, In the UK new smart speakers will allow residents to call the police hands free. Now even cameras can understand and track what you look and why you look at it. AI is making advancements in business, especially... Read More

Thanks to AI you can now track your food, kids, and even your skin!

Hi Folks, AI is opening up new doors to track food waste, school kids, and even your skin’s pH levels. Meanwhile, a new algorithm is using Wikipedia to auto-generate textbooks, and Facebook is helping people share targeted ads with their... Read More

Now Even Your Bike is “Smart”…

Hey Folks, Some of the highlights in Data Science and AI this week include; “Smartbikes” thanks to Cybic Legend, Microsoft AI’s new writing inspiration called “Zo”, many find smart homes are getting creepy, and like it or not AI automation... Read More

AI is Shaking Things Up in 2019

Hi Folks, Hope your New Year is off to a great start! In 2019 AI is making big waves in business – many say that businesses that are late to the AI game may never be able to catch up…... Read More