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The latest news in AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science includes, the first UPS drone delivery, bioscience meets AI to help patients worldwide, and how AI will impact self-employment. 

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Here are some highlights from the past couple of weeks:

Streamlit launches open-source machine learning application development framework

Bringing together deep bioscience and AI to help patients worldwide: Novartis and Microsoft work to reinvent treatment discovery and development

IBM’s AI generates high-quality voices from 5 minutes of talking

How artificial intelligence will impact self-employment

Alteryx acquires machine learning startup Feature Labs

Exams could be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future, private school chief predicts

Exoskeleton driven by AI helps paralyzed man to walk again

Facebook open-sources data set for code search AI benchmark

Team uses deep learning to monitor the sun’s ultraviolet emission

UPS has won approval to run the first drone delivery airline in the US

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