The latest news in AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science includes; US funds an AI project to enable 5G spectrum sharing, developers are still in high demand despite COVID-19, and self-driving trucks hit the road in the US.

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Here are some highlights from the past couple of weeks:

BBC launches Beeb voice assistant in partnership with Microsoft

U.S. funds AI project to enable millisecond-level 5G spectrum sharing

Federated Analytics: Collaborative Data Science without Data Collection

Exclusive: Machine Learning Company Insitro Raises $143 Million To Bridge Biology And AI

Developers still kings of tech jobs through Covid

A Bird? A Plane? No, It’s a Google Balloon Beaming the Internet

Growing Artificial Organs With Help From Machine Learning

After this COVID winter comes an AI spring

Self-driving trucks from Waymo and TuSimple hit the road in the US

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