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The Ultimate Hands-On Hadoop – Tame Your Big Data Course Updates & The Latest News!

Hi Folks, We’ve been busy updating our Ultimate Hands On Hadoop – Tame your Big Data course!  Cloudera threw us for a loop when they suddenly cut off access to their software repositories to people who are not paid customers;... Read More

Updates to the AWS Certified Data Analytics Prep Course

Hi Folks, We recently updated our AWS Certified Data Analytics prep course on Udemy for changes in 2021. S3 now offers strong consistency, making EMRFS consistent by default. Amazon’s guidance for choosing instance types for EMR clusters has also been... Read More

The latest in Data Science & Machine Learning

The latest news in data science and machine learning includes cleaning text data with python, will AI scale in 2021, and how big data is fueling Tesla’s self-driving car.  Stay in the loop! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.... Read More

How to Become a Machine Learning Engineer in 2021

Hi Folks, Everyone knows machine learning is a hot skill and a lucrative one. According to Glassdoor, the average base pay for a machine learning engineer as we enter 2021 is more than $114,000 per year in the United States. ... Read More

Can Master Data Eat AI for Breakfast?

The latest news in data science, machine learning, and AI includes, machine learning helping reduce carbon emissions, AI predicting criminal behavior, and master data eating AI for breakfast. For the rest of the latest news scroll down.  Make sure you... Read More

Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning

As an instructor on Udemy, I’m always looking for new ways to help my students learn more about Machine learning, data science, and deep learning. I recently published a couple of blog posts on Udemy’s blog. You can check them out here:... Read More

Apache Spark Course Updates

Hi Folks, We’ve recently updated our Apache Spark courses (“Apache Spark with Scala – Hands On with Big Data” and “Taming Big Data with Apache Spark and Python – Hands On!”) to add even more hands-on exercises, and expanded coverage... Read More

The Top 5 Reasons to Become a Data Scientist & More!

This week’s latest news in AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science includes; how AI can help small businesses compete with bigger companies, on-device intelligence, and 5 reasons to become a data scientist.  Get the rest of the latest news in... Read More

Developers Are Still in High Demand…

The latest news in AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science includes; US funds an AI project to enable 5G spectrum sharing, developers are still in high demand despite COVID-19, and self-driving trucks hit the road in the US. Get the... Read More

AI is Helping with COVID-19 Research

The latest news in AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science includes; self-driving start-up Argo AI expands to Europe, AI is helping scientists decipher coronavirus research, and you can now help a Mars Rover’s AI tell rocks from dirt.  Get the... Read More