Frequently Asked Questions

Which course should I take first?

All of our courses are designed to stand alone; there is no sequence in which you must take them. If you’re getting started in machine learning, Machine Learning, Data Science and Deep Learning with Python is a good place to start. If you’re more interested in big data, you might start with The Ultimate Hands-On Hadoop: Tame your Big Data.

If you’re interested in AWS certification, we offer both video courses and practice exams for the Data Analytics and Machine Learning Specialty exams. You’ll probably want the practice exams after taking the associated course.

Which Spark course should I take?

First, decide if you’re more comfortable with the Python or Scala programming language. There are two introductory courses that are similar, but one uses Python, and the other uses Scala. Spark works better with Scala.

The Python-based course is Taming Big Data with Apache Spark and Python, and the Scala-based course is Apache Spark 3 with Scala.

Once you’ve completed one of those courses, you may want to dive deeper with Spark Streaming by taking Streaming Big Data with Spark Streaming, Scala, and Spark 3.

Where do I get the course materials from?

Generally one of the first video lectures in the course you have purchased will walk you through how to set up the software you need, and how to obtain the code associated with the course.

How can I get my questions about the course answered?

Just post a comment on the lecture you have a question about, and we’ll see it! You might also check out the “community” menu for a place where you can talk with your fellow students.

Please keep in mind we can only answer questions about the course itself. We can’t offer free advice and consulting on your projects outside of the course.

I’m having a problem with the site; how can I let you know?

Send an email to and we’ll look into it right away!

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final, as stated in our terms of service. We encourage you to check out the free lectures on each course, and our free trial course on deep learning to make sure our platform and teaching style works for you before you purchase. Subscriptions of course may be cancelled at any time.

How do I cancel my membership plan?

If you’ve finished your learning with us, just log into your account from our home page or use the “My Courses / Log In” menu option on our site. From there, select “My Subscriptions,” and you may cancel your membership there.

11 thoughts on “Help”

  1. george.burdett213 says:

    Hello Sundog education ,

    I’m George and I am an entrepreneur in the online education business.
    My team and I are working on creating an education platform for teachers like yourself and we are wondering how you feel about udemy and if there is something you are missing when teaching using their platform.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated and help us a ton

    Thank you for your time


    1. Frank Kane says:

      I can’t say I have any big pain points with Udemy from a feature perspective. My only gripe is the low revenue per enrollment instructors end up with there. They make up for it with volume, but it means you have a lot of students to take care of. Otherwise they’re actually good to work with on the whole. On a higher level, the biggest problem facing online instructors right now is all the competition around the world – a LOT of people decided to become online instructors during the pandemic, and it’s very hard for new courses to find an audience as a result. Best of luck with your venture!

  2. forall89 says:


    I am working on making subtitles for your courses on Udemy, and I’m really sorry to tell you this but the video clips of your lecture allowed to me is of low quality and I can barely read the codes (This is only the case for Boltzmann section). So would you mind if I ask you to open up the course for me for some time? A few days would be just fine. Thanks.

    1. forall89 says:

      I mean RBM section.

    2. Frank Kane says:

      Hi, I’ll email you a coupon code you can use right now.

      1. forall89 says:

        I’ve received your email. Thanks a lot.

  3. Z S says:

    Hi Frank,

    I wanted to understand what is the difference between courses on Udemy and Sundog websites.
    Ex. Machine Learning, Data Science and Deep Learning with Python Course

    There is a price difference on both the platform, Udemy is very cheap compared to Sundog eduction. What additional I will get if I subscribe to Sundog Education.

    I want to get into ML field and need right support to achieve it.


    1. Z S says:

      Also, let me know if there are any coupons available for discounts.

    2. Frank Kane says:

      Sounds like Udemy is running a sale! By purchasing here you will get direct support from the instructor (me) rather than a TA on Udemy, plus your money goes to the instructor instead of to Udemy.

      I’m thinking of running a sale on this site soon as well, but if you’d rather purchase at Udemy, please use this referral link at least: – that way we’ll end up with more than a dollar from your enrollment.

  4. voxpopus says:

    Have a big problem.. Anaconda3 won’t install. I get the “Failed to create menus” error.
    Evidently this has been a Anaconda problem for a long time, many of the help sites go back to 2016.
    Hoping you have a suggestion so I can get started on the course. Got 60% finished on one of your Udemy courses.
    Made a dozen different attempts to get past the error.
    * I had already deleted my old Anaconda.
    * From CMD zapped out the $Path and reran
    * Tried running as administrator and toggling the Add Path and Install All variables.
    * Downloaded an earlier version and the 32bit version, both failed with the same.
    I can’t post my screen captures but it seems like Anaconda can’t find its own directories it just created in the install.

    Hoping you can give some guidance or provide some links so I can get going.

    1. Frank Kane says:

      I’ve never encountered that myself, so all I can do is point you to the same webpages for troubleshooting that it sounds like you’ve already found (I’d just Google “Anaconda failed to create menus”). I searched all of the existing questions on Udemy and apparently no other student has run into this before either, so I can’t offer any tips from other students.

      It certainly sounds like a permission issue, or perhaps a PATH issue. Is your PATH environment variable too long? I think there is an upper limit beyond which it just doesn’t work anymore. Might be a good idea to un-install and completely remove Anaconda (, reboot your PC, and try installing again as Administrator.

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